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Crazy moment 

30 Oct


Letter to editor at the Ojai Valley News

21 Apr

The people of Ojai have spoken, and it’s a matter of record in the Minutes at city hall, tourist are not welcome.

Here are some facts that would discourage people from coming to visit.

Ojai is very hot and there is a lake but you can’t swim in it.

The bicycle path is very short (in Ojai proper) and it really serves as a safe bicycle route for the more expensive “playgrounds”

Hiking paths are sparse, hard to get to as the parking is very limited. The area is infested with ticks that host Lime disease, and at dusk or dawn there may be a local mountain lion that will be more than happy to rip your face off your skull.

The locals are less then friendly and very conceited. The conceit is a result of the ramblings of a science fiction writer called Aldous Huxley who claimed that there is a “vortex of energy” in the valley, and a piggyback claim by Krishnamurti who was a groomed and manufactured guru/messiah. So the locals feel that since they live in a special place they are special, as a result of which the conceit in the air can be cut with a knife.

Farmers market is way overpriced as are local shops.

Not to mention no parking, heavy traffic.

With the demise of the local bee population due to local farming practices, the fragrance of orange blossom and the oranges themselves will be gone and Ojai’s only export will be conceit, dust and sweat.

Just saying.


listen here motherfucker

26 Feb

listen here motherfuckerfinal.jpg

A portrait of a angry beautiful young woman #imagekind via @Imagekind


25 Feb


When ever embarking on any endeavor,

23 Feb

One should ask two questions;
Is it necessary?
Where is the line drawn?
Of course one has to have had a taste and appetite

The glow of a real fire

23 Feb

The glow of

real fire

Twinkling computerized.


Soft warm and chaotic

Candles  will do the trick.

Lulu Curves Copper On Blues

22 Feb

A new nude.

lulu curves cooper on blues.jpg