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2 Jun

I am trying to bundle
the threads
of my shredded sanity
tiny small stacks
ethereal bundles of weightless
translucent threads
stacks unravel at the slightest
wind of change
small gust sends
glassy threads
vanishing into a dense swirling
blue gray


Before you left

7 Apr

Before you left
we conversed.
You said¬† “I am afraid those days
are gone forever”
My heart sank
tumbling lump of cold mud.
You knew.
You were right.
Past life disappeared.
The silence of loneliness struck.
Future life dissolved.  
The forevernes of eternity.
Now the conversation has stopped
“gone forever”
Love is here to stay



3 Apr


Thank you Synva.
Thank you for the kid.
Thank you Synva.
Thank you for the house.
Thank you Synva.
Thank you for the civilization,
the grammar and the punctuation.
Thank you Synva.
Thank you for the ethics, naughtiness,
and the commonsense.
Thank you Synva.
Thank you for loving me even though,
even though you knew I was wrong.
Thank you Synva.
Thank you for choosing me to spend with,
so much of your short time here.
Thank you Synva.
Thank you very much.

The Ride

27 Dec

Luge ride
Going down this luge ride
“Oh oh this is not going to be good” ride
“there is no stoping it” ride
Cancer ride
loosing your spouse ride
going to the Doctor ride
going for treatment ride
Cancer ride
Luge ride


20 May

I arrived to teach a class.
Meg was covering an injured young BlueJay chick with a large cardboard box, for protection.
I remembered.
I remembered the time
I returned a small baby BlueJay chick to its nest.
I remembered how, over a period of a week, I did it numerous times.
I remembered the chick had no plume covering on its bottom, and I called it Bare-Bottom.
I remembered how I would go out to look for it on a hunch, and found it almost every time.
I remembered how I cupped it in the palm of my hands to protect it so the small hard twigs did not mangle its soft fuzzy body.
I remembered how the adult Jays trusted me.
I remembered how I found Bare-Bottom one morning dead,
lying on the hard sidewalk,
its oversize beak open wide, looking like a Physician during the Plague.
I remembered how sad it was.