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Women Unite

10 May

Please feel free to download this image and print.


Calling on all women!

15 Mar

Calling on all women! It is time for the women of the world to realize their power. Isabel Allende has sounded the battle cry, and Bunker Roy has laid out the ground work. On a TED talk Allende talks of the passion that inspires action, and Roy tells how the power of women in the so called developing world has transformed entire villages in rural India and other places through grass roots, high tech training. It is a must see at TED talks. (The links are at the bottom.)

This world, with its male dominated religions and political systems, is at the brink of destruction. We are closer than ever to nuclear annihilation that will begin in the Middle East. Men are just not inclined to really live in peace–too much ego and alpha-male complex combined with wanderlust.

It is not to say that men are evil, they are misguided. That is to say men are led by other men, which is like the blind leading the blind. Worse, it is often the ethically blind leading the ethically ignorant. Men are capable of great feats when pointed in the right direction. The cliché that states that behind every successful man there is a woman is basically accurate.

The terrible state of this “man’s world” is a very good reason to  seriously consider women’s points of view and work with them in leadership positions.

Unity is powerful. Take note, each one of the fingers on the palm of the hand can be bent easily and even broken, but when the fingers curl tightly into a fist, there is invincible strength. So all together now ladies (and gentlemen). The time to act is now. Start a conversation: locally; on line; through demonstrations; write to your Congress person; make yourself heard; get involved.

Please take the time to watch the TED talks, which will take only half an hour for both presentations. It will be time well spent.

How the Pope was born

9 Mar

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, long before God was a concept–and magic was a force, there was a Shaman. The Shaman’s function in the collective was to be a focal point for the will of the collective, all of whom possessed magical powers to influence the universe magically. He was the medicine man using herbs and magic augmented by the magical powers that where vested in him by the collective. Things went well until the Shaman said to himself in a moment of power-drunkenness and the attached corruption, “I have something good going on here.”
Dreams of complete authority and nepotism for generations to come gave the Shaman an idea. The very next opportunity he had, he informed the collective that there is a greater power in the universe than the collective’s combined power, and the only way to connect with it is through him and him only, the Shaman. That was the birth of God, religion, and the first clergyman.
It is my opinion that we the collective, we the people, need to take back the power of the collective and act as one again. It has been demonstrated time and time again that when people gather together,  especially in large numbers and collectively, willing an agenda through meditation, prayer, or just a large rally, there is an effect. It has to be done with each individual totally believing in his own powers and responsibility. Hoping that some entity will save and help us strips us of our power and relieves us of our responsibility.
In some spiritual disciplines (religions) we are told that there is a little bit of God in each one of us. I believe it is very true. I also believe within each one of us is the only place you’ll find God. We are God. We have sometimes been a very mean, irresponsible, yet very powerful God; and that is why the world is in the terrible state it is. It is up to us.

About Women

28 Feb

Being a male I will not presume to have the depth needed to understand women. In general they are complex and multifaceted human animals. Observation, however, has its merit. After long (and pleasant) observation of the womenfolk around me, I have come to the conclusion that women (in general) view the world as one big fixer-upper, and when they can they will improve upon whatever is in front of them. Here are some simple examples: no matter how attractive a woman thinks she is, she will put on makeup or at least lipstick; she will walk into a new house or a room, and, first thing, a curtain will be hung, the yard/garden will be weeded or even replanted, in business and politics she is an innovator and a reformer.

This is a great trait. And then a man comes into her life. He fits the bill. Everything she wants a man to be, he indeed is; but there is room for improvement like everything else. Now, if the guy is interested in evolving and growing, he will not find a better partner for the journey. The tenacity and support he will get from the woman in his life will be unmatched. However if he is a stubborn know-it-all, or a narcissist, as men sometimes are, the clash of the titans will ensue. His stubbornness will be met with her tenacity; his knowing it all will clash with her common sense, and the narcissism will be incomprehensible to her all together.

I truly believe that we men need to pay a great deal of respect and attention to the ladies in our life, listen to their opinions and advice. It will benefit us all and the world will be a better place.