A Short Lesson on Sub Rosa Capitalism.

8 Aug

Humanity under what is known as modern capitalism can be divided into three groups that overlap each other:
the producers, the grifters, and the marks.

The producer is anyone that makes something out of nothing or out of raw material – artists, teachers, shoe makers, canned goods producers. etc.

The grifter makes a living by exploiting producers and marks alike. The grifter is the middleman, the investor, the banker, etc. The most pernicious of all is the politician, who does not even pretend to give you anything for your money. He just sweet-talks it out of your pocket.

The mark is sometimes a producer and at times an aspiring grifter. Most of the time he is a consumer. This comical economical model is sustainable as long as the producer is a substantial part of the equation. Without the producer the mark will be plucked bald by the grifter, who will, by the process of elimination or survival of the wiliest, perish and disappear after the last mark has been plucked clean.


2 Responses to “A Short Lesson on Sub Rosa Capitalism.”

  1. volkwitch August 9, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    Beautiful post in its brevity, though I feel the mark as consumer could use a post in and of itself.

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