How the Pope was born

9 Mar

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, long before God was a concept–and magic was a force, there was a Shaman. The Shaman’s function in the collective was to be a focal point for the will of the collective, all of whom possessed magical powers to influence the universe magically. He was the medicine man using herbs and magic augmented by the magical powers that where vested in him by the collective. Things went well until the Shaman said to himself in a moment of power-drunkenness and the attached corruption, “I have something good going on here.”
Dreams of complete authority and nepotism for generations to come gave the Shaman an idea. The very next opportunity he had, he informed the collective that there is a greater power in the universe than the collective’s combined power, and the only way to connect with it is through him and him only, the Shaman. That was the birth of God, religion, and the first clergyman.
It is my opinion that we the collective, we the people, need to take back the power of the collective and act as one again. It has been demonstrated time and time again that when people gather together,  especially in large numbers and collectively, willing an agenda through meditation, prayer, or just a large rally, there is an effect. It has to be done with each individual totally believing in his own powers and responsibility. Hoping that some entity will save and help us strips us of our power and relieves us of our responsibility.
In some spiritual disciplines (religions) we are told that there is a little bit of God in each one of us. I believe it is very true. I also believe within each one of us is the only place you’ll find God. We are God. We have sometimes been a very mean, irresponsible, yet very powerful God; and that is why the world is in the terrible state it is. It is up to us.


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