On Morality and Ethics

5 Mar

The difference between morality and ethics is, in my opinion, as follows: morality is the rule of God delivered and  administered by men of God, the clergy or, as I like to refer to them, God’s henchmen. The yardstick is, will God punish me for this? Ethics are the rules of mankind, commonsense every day fairness; and the yardstick is, will I be able to live with my self, look at my self in the mirror? The Ten Commandments are ethical guidelines–at least eight of them are. The other two commandments are, worship God as the one and only and observe a day of rest (dedicated to God’s worship).
Moral law is weak in its effect on us, after breaking moral laws a few times as humans will and taking notice that there are no repercussions. The fear factor diminishes, and “good religious people” will commit heinous deeds such as child-molesting clergymen and clergymen who will look the other way or even partake in the coverup of such. One would expect men of God to really fear the wrath of the almighty. These men are posing as morally superior, yet they are ethically bankrupt.
Contraception is a good example of the clash between morality and ethics. It is not moral to give or use contraception, but to prevent the use of such is not ethical. The quality of life improved dramatically in a village in an island nation in the developing world when contraception was allowed. The global economic upheaval of late occurred because of lack of ethical guidelines in the financial industry; morality had nothing to do with it.
It is my opinion that, in order to have a truly healthy society, ethics need to be taught and promoted more than morals, because we have freewill, and the choice is ultimately ours.


3 Responses to “On Morality and Ethics”

  1. volkwitch March 5, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Really like the clarity of your distinction between ethics and morals. Original point of view. Whole philosophy papers have been written on the difference between ethics and morals and few have the concision of this post.


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